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YouTube Account Registration - How To Make New YouTube Account Fast

By nobvibe • 3 years ago • 13 • 0
YouTube Account Registration - How To Make New YouTube Account Fast
YouTube Account Registration is a simple process to create new YouTube account. To sign up for a YouTube account you must have a Google ID. This is because YouTube is owned and managed by GOOGLE. So, with your google or gmail ID, you can access other Google products and services including YouTube. So, if you have not yet register for Gmail account, you need to do so. The process is fairly simple, and easy. Just follow the step guide below to sign up Gmail account. Once you are done, you can use your Google ID credentials to make new YouTube account.
  • To Create Gmail account, visit www.gmail.comYouTube Account Registration
  • Click on the create an account button at the top right side of the page, or the center of the homepage.
  • Once the gmail registration form opens, kindly fill in the form with your correct details as required by Google to create an ID for you, so you have full access to login and access Google products and services.YouTube Account Registration
  • Once you click on the next button, then, verify your registration as Google will be sending you a verification code to do that.

YouTube Account Registration Process

Provided you have already gotten your Google ID or Gmail Username, you can proceed to sign into YouTube.com with that username and password.

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Go to the YouTube.com homepage and click the "Create an Account" button. Next, you'll be taken to the basic Google signup form, if you have not sign up for gmail account. If you have already open gmail account, click on the sign in button. Once you sign in with a Google ID on YouTube official home page (www.youtube.com) Google will automatically register you for a YouTube account and link your YouTube sign-in to your Google account.

How To Watch YouTube Videos

To watch YouTube videos is easy. All you need do is click on any video you want to watch, and you'll be taken to that video's individual page with player controls. By default, the video plays in a small box. To make the video fill your entire computer screen or play in full screen, just click the "full screen" button. But you can click the "full screen" button at lower right to make the video fill your entire computer screen. You can also click the middle "large screen" button to enlarge the video viewing box but not make it take up your entire screen.

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