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Yahoomail.com – Yahoo Mail Sign Up | Yahoomail Login

By nobvibe • 3 years ago • 17 • 0
Yahoomail.com – Yahoo Mail Sign Up | Yahoomail Login
Yahoomail.comYahoomail.com is a free web email service which is offered by the American company Yahoo! With over 281 million registered users, yahoo mail is rated the third largest web-based email service provider accross the world. Yahoo Mail provides four different email plans which include:
  • Three personal use Basic, Ad Free, and Plus
  • Paid-for business use.
After yahoo mail sign up, you can stay organized by connecting all your accounts, share photos and animated GIFs plus a 1000 GBs of storage free.  

Features Of Yahoomail.com

For Yahoo Free Version

  • Full 1 TB Email storage capacity
  • 25 MB (up to 100 MB Email attachment limit
  • Supports POP3 protocols
  • Spam and virus protection
  • 100 filters for automatically mail sorting
  • 12 months non-retrievable Account deactivation
  • Support for Ads

For Yahoo Plus/Ad Free Version

  • Complete 25 Megabytes email storage capacity
  • Message size limit of 10 Megabyte
  • Full support for 10 attachments per mail.
  • No account expiration
  • 50 filters for unsolicited emails
  • Block up to 200 addresses
  • Use of other email domains to send messages from Yahoo! Mail
  • Accessing and Forwarding of POP.
  • Offline access for mail Archiving
  • No ads

Yahoo Business Version

  • Looking at this version, it's a combination of all yahoo email services with 10 distinct accounts with same features as the plus version including a personalized domain name and email address with a $25 set-up fee and $9.99 monthly fee.
  • Furthermore, $35 per year for access to a domain name and five custom email addresses Get Unlimited mail storage capacity
  • Addition of addresses and phone numbers in emails to an address book.

Yahoo mail Sign Up Via Yahoomail.com

1. To create an email account with yahoo, visit yahoo official website: www.yahoo.com 2. Click the Sign Up button 3. Once the Yahoo Registration page opens, fill in all relevant detail as required. Such as Name, Sex, Age, Country, Desired username, password, security question. 4. Click the create account button to finish the yahoo registration process. Now you can log into your account, customize with an array of color options and themes, personalize your inbox with quick access to tools like calendar, notepad, contacts, instant messages, and search many more.

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