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www.comcast.com/activate - How To Activate Comcast Xfinity Services Online

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www.comcast.com/activate - How To Activate Comcast Xfinity Services Online
To Activate Comcast Xfinity Services Online is very easy, and it can be done at www.comcast.com/activate. Provided you follow the instruction guide line on this page. There is no need of calling a Comcast technician to install Xfinity services for you. This is because with the Comcast Self Installation Kit (SIK), you can achieve self-install. Comcast is rated as the third largest home telephone service provider in the United States. The company provides a home Internet service and as well home security service to customers across 40 states and the District of Columbia. Provided you have ordered the Self Installation Kit, proceed to set it up, connect and then activate your services. Furthermore, your Xfinity User Guide should be included in your SIK. Moreover, you can also get a electronic user guide from Xfinity Support Center.

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Activation is the final process of self-install and it can be done by visiting www.comcast.com/activate. The whole process does not take time and it can be completed with few minutes. Also, this process helps you restore your service.

How To Activate Comcast Xfinity Services Online Via www.comcast.com/activate

  1. Visit www.comcast.com/activate.
  2. Then, Sign in if you have a User ID.Activate Comcast Xfinity Services
  3. Next, type in your account number. This can be found on your Activation Card or receipt in your Self Install Kit, or on your bill.
  4. Enter your 10-digit telephone number that Comcast has on file for your account.
  5. Finally, click “Next” to start activating your services.
Alternatively, you may call the toll-free number 1-855-652-3446 for telephone activation. If you encounter any trouble during activation, you visit the Xfinity Support Center at customer.comcast.com/help-and-support.

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