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WhatsApp Web Login: How To Login And Use WhatsApp Web On PC

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WhatsApp Web Login: How To Login And Use WhatsApp Web On PC
Currently, you can access WhatsApp Web Login from any operating system and any device. Also, you can use WhatsApp Online Login in any browser (such as Chrome, Firefox, etc.). In this page, you will see how to login and use WhatsApp web on a computer with your WhatsApp Login details. WhatsApp Web appears very much like the Android app with the same functionality. It serves the purpose of replicating the mobile app on your PC for ease of use. This process only involves scanning one QR code from your mobile, and your Whatsapp account will come up on the computer with all chats. However, there is no app and plug-in installation required to during the process in order to access the WhatsApp Web through the browser. Nevertheless, you can install the desktop app on your computer which is based on WhatsApp web.

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You can chat with contacts, manage accounts, change settings like your regular mobile client app through the WhatsApp web platform. Also, you can send files directly from your computer, answer contacts from a computer, etc.

WhatsApp Web Login Requirements

Below are some requirements for using the WhatsApp Web on your computer:
  • A web browser (Chrome, Firefox, etc.) on your computer.
  • You need the latest version of WhatsApp on your mobile device (must be logged in).
  • Stable internet connectivity on both mobile and computer devices to keep both devices in sync.

WhatsApp Web Login: How To Login And Use WhatsApp Web On PC

  1. Open http://web.whatsapp.com in a browser.
  2. Then Open WhatsApp on Mobile.
  3. On a desktop, it will ask to scan QR Code.
  4. Now, on a smartphone, click on right side option and select WhatsApp Web.
  5. Once done, it will open the camera and start scanning your QR code. Place your phone’s camera in front of the QR code on your computer and your WhatsApp account will automatically sync with the computer browser.
  6. Your WhatsApp details will load immediately on the computer.
You can now change your WhatsApp profile picture and text status from the web interface. Also, you can create and manage groups, change chat background colors etc. Moreover, picture and video status can also be viewed through the web platform.

WhatsApp Web Common issues

My phone doesn’t understand the QR code?

Simply take your phone camera closer to QR code and wait for a few seconds. If it still isn’t recognizing then refresh the page and then scan the code.

Am Unable to Connect to WhatsApp web

Ensure that your Android/iOS smartphone has enough battery before use WhatsApp Login. Also, make sure that your Smartphone is connected to the internet. Finally, the WhatsApp Login on Web option can be found in the latest edition of WhatsApp. So, ensure you have the latest version of WhatsApp on your smartphone or mobile device. For more questions and assistance on WhatsApp Web Login, please use the comment section below. Also, don't forget to Like and Share this article on your social media. Connect with us then follow us on Facebook and Google Plus for latest tech updates.

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