Update Facebook App For The Latest Features – How To Update Your Facebook App Free

It’s very easy and fast to Update Facebook App. Once done, you will be able to enjoy the new and improved features of Facebook. If you have an iPhone or Android phone, and you are using an outdated Facebook app, it’s pretty an embarrassing thing, because you are not getting the best of Facebook.

Now that you are aware of the updated version of Facebook, i want you to relax, as am going to show you various ways to Update Facebook App.

How To Update Facebook App To Get The Latest Facebook Features

To all Facebook users who don’t know that Update your Facebook App free, i want you to read down this post and get the full insight.Update Facebook App

Now, if you consistently use Facebook on your iPhone or Apple device, you tend to get notifications from Facebook directly to Updated Facebook App. You have option to chose to update app. This depends on you to click ‘YES’ or ‘NO’ and by clicking on the option to updated, you get your Facebook App updated as soon as possible. This is a very easy process, hope so?.

Furthermore, you can as well update your app by downloading the current version on your Apple or Google Playstore. This depend on which devices you are using, either iPhone or Android phone. Just in case you did’t get notifications for updates, then use the method below.

How To Download Facebook On Your Android Device

Get your Facebook Mobile App updated on your Android device, with the following few steps.

  • Go to your Google Playstore
  • On the search box, type ‘Facebook App’ ( The latest version would be displayed on top)
  • Then click download
  • Now install the App
  • Finally, sign in and get the best out of your update.

ALSO, You Can Click Here To Download & Install Facebook Mobile App for Android

How To Download Facebook On Your Apple Device

  • Go to your Apple Play
  • Use the search menu and type in ‘Facebook App’
  • Then click download and Install
  • Now, sign in and get the best out of your update.

Very easy right? Am sure it is.

I beleive you’ve learn how to Update Facebook App and why you should get it updated with these insight.

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