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Snapchat Sign up | Snapchat Login Messenger App

By nobvibe • 3 years ago • 17 • 0
Snapchat Sign up | Snapchat Login Messenger App
Snapchat is an image messaging and multimedia mobile application which enables users to capture disappearing photos or videos and add overlaid text or imagery. Today we shall be discussing about Snapchat Sign Up or how to Create Snapchat Account, as well as Snapchat Login. One of the amazing thing about Snapchat is that it's not only available for Android and iOS users, as it can also be used on PC (Snapchat PC). Snapchat app is one of the best method to connect with your friends as we can easily capture pictures as well as videos that gets destroyed by itself after few secs. So, it lets you send short-lived photos and videos to your friends and family and also allows you to chat with them.

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To use this App, you must create Snapchat account, just go through the process below to get started.

Snapchat Sign Up for Android and iOS

Snapchat is available for Android and as well iOS platform. So, with any device, you can sign up Snapchat account free with the explained detailed instruction guide below. (1). Using your device, be it tablet, smartphone or iOS, go to the Google Play Store for Android and then the iTunes App store for iOS devices to get Snapchat App. (2). After you download the App, kindly launch the app from the home screen. (3). Once the App opens, it will display two options: “Log In” and “Sign Up”.Snapchat Sign up (4). As a new user who wants to create a Snapchat account, then press on “Sign Up”. (5). Next, you will have to type in your first name and last name. (6). Then press on “Sign up and Accept”. (7). On the next section, enter your birthday and click on “Continue” to proceed. (8). Choose your unique username which doesn’t match with anyone else. (Snapchat will check in its database if the username is already taken or not. If your desired username has already been taken, then you will have to think of a new one to go with). (9). Then enter your email address and your phone number to receive a code for verification. Verify your account to complete the Snapchat sign up process. Once you have sign up Snapchat account, you can now proceed and start chatting with your friends.

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