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Sign Up Mail 163.com in English Version | Mail 163.com Sign In

By nobvibe • 3 years ago • 20 • 0
Sign Up Mail 163.com in English Version | Mail 163.com Sign In
Mail 126.com and 163.com are popular webmail hosting company domain commonly used by Chinese. You may be finding it difficult to sign up Mail 163.com due to the language with which the website was developed and the strictness of its CAPTCH security. This page has made it easy for people who doesn’t understand Chinese Language to create email 163.com account and as well sign in email 163 to access they emails inbox.

How to Sign Up mail 163.com in English Version

I want you to follow the simple step guide here on this post to Sign Up and Sign In to 126.com and 163.com without worrying about the Chinese language or going through the CAPTCH security. 1. First, you need to download Mail Master App on your mobile phone. So, Visit Google Play Store or itunes Store to download and install the App free. 2. Open the Mail Master App on your phone, you will see email 126.com and 163.com Sign In, Signup and forget Password, all written in English Language. 3. Now tap on the Sign Up linkSign Up Mail 163.com 4. A new registration form will show up where you will be requested to Enter Phone Number, Please Ignore if you don’t have a Chinese Phone Number as it can only accept Chinese Phone number. 5. Click on “Register Using Letters” sign Up as well as Sign in email 126.com and 163.com in English Version.

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6. Once you click on “Register Using Letters” you will be prompt to enter your choice of Email Address. Sign Up Mail 163.com 7. Now, kindly type the email address you wish to create in the email space provided and then click “Next”. 8. Provided that the name has not been used by another person, then the next page will come up for you to choose a password. 9. Now type your password and click “Next”. Ensure the password is very strong and do not share it with any body. 10. Next, you will be requested to enter your country code and phone number for verification. After you enter your country code and phone number click on “Get SMS code”. 12. A verification code will be sent to the number you which you provided. Then type-in the code the on provided box then click “Done”Sign Up Mail 163.com 13. It will authenticate and request you enter the CAPTCH Verification code provided in English Alphabets. Type and click “Ok”. Now you can Sign In and start using your new email. Easy without any stress.

Mail 163.com Sign In Procedure

  1. Visit www.mail.163.com
2. On the sign in page, type in your Username. Sign Up Mail 163.com 3. Next, enter your password 4. Then click sign in to access your Mail 163 Account. 5. Also you can log in by scanning or Sweep code login.Sign Up Mail 163.com Once you follow the steps above, you will Sign Up Mail 163.com and as well login Mail 163.com successfully without stress.

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Remember to send your feedback about Mail 163.com by using the comment box below. Feel free to reach us if you have any problem regarding to this guide. Also don't forget to share this article on social media to help enrich your friends.

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