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    Date: November 27, 2020, 03:3 AM

How You Can Recover Deleted Messages on Facebook

By nobvibe • 3 weeks ago • 31 • 0
How You Can Recover Deleted Messages on Facebook
If you have ever deleted messages on facebook and you wish to recover them back, then I will be showing you how you can successfully recover deleted messages on Facebook in this article. Many people now want to recover their deleted messages on facebook, and they have been searching for it to get the right steps to follow on google. Unfortunately, some of the websites they visit definitely did not provide them with the right information they needed.Recover Deleted Messages on Facebook But by the end of this article, you will be able to complete the task with our detailed instructions. So I want to also share this article to your friends and family members to keep them updated and informed.

How Can I Recover Deleted Messages on Facebook?

Now let's proceed, as you are going to learn how you can recover deleted messages on facebook with instruction guide am going to show you below. The whole process is very simple and easy. They can be done via the Facebook platform.
  • In order to recover your deleted messages on facebook via the Facebook platform. Just log in to your Facebook account at facebook login page www.facebook.com. On your Facebook account, navigate to the account settings page.
  • You will see a button titled “download and install a copy of your Facebook information”. Click on it and it will then redirect you to a new webpage or tab. On the webpage, you will see a download archive switch. Simply click on it and enter your facebook password. Then pass some security check-up by facebook.
  • The download link will be sent to the e-mail you used when you sign up for a Facebook account. This process is to enable Facebook to know that you are the one actually asking for the copy of your Facebook information. Open your email inbox and click the download link and a file will be downloaded as a zipped file. The file size contains all information of your Facebook account.
  • Kindly extract the file, then open it and find you're your deleted messages.
If you have any further question about this guide, kindly use the comment section below to let us know.

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