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Nordstrom Employee Portal Login Guide - www.mynordstrom.com

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Nordstrom Employee Portal Login Guide - www.mynordstrom.com
www.mynordstrom.com is the official website that provides Nordstrom Employees with competitive pay, benefits and career opportunities. This article will walk you through the Nordstrom Employee Portal Login process as an employee, to enable you to view the related information online. In order to login Nordstrom Employee Portal, all you have to do is to input with your username, employee number or LAN ID and password. Nordstrom is a famous fashion store chain in the United States, which was founded in 1901. They specialize in clothing, shoes, accessories and more. Nordstrom currently owns over 260 stores nationwide. Apart from high-quality apparel, Nordstrom is also committed to offering first-class customer service. Nordstrom Employee Portal (www.mynordstrom.com) offers you the convenience to view and manage your customized pay, benefits and career all in one place provided that you are a Nordstrom team member. By visiting www.mynordstrom.com, you can get your current and history payslips, Don't forget to review them periodically to make sure they are correct.
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Furthermore, you will get full info about your employee discounts, extrinsic incentives, health insurance and other exclusive staff offers in the Employee Benefits Summary Plan Description (SPD). Apart from your personal resources, you are able to keep informed of events or notices about Nordstrom in the portal.

Nordstrom Employee Portal Login @ www.mynordstrom.com

In order to login and access your Nordstrom employment information online, follow the steps below to visit the MyNordstrom website. 1. Open your browser application on your computing device, enter the Nordstrom website address www.mynordstrom.com. 2. At the MyNordstrom website, you will see spaces provided for the entry of the employee number and password.www.mynordstrom.com 3. Now, type in your username, employee number or LAN ID and password. 4. After that, click “Login” to sign in to your account. 5. As a new hire, if it's your first-time log-in, Hit “New Hire” in the bottom right of the page. 6. Then kindly follow the prompts to complete your first login. Once done, you will have access to information on your pay, benefits, career and Nordstrom events. If you wish to view your paystub or to update your time card, click on the appropriate link. Then you will be able to instantly access the information you are interested in, through the MyNordstrom website. Accessing your Nordstrom employment information online simply means going to the MyNordstrom website, and login to your account by entering your employee number and your password. If you encounter any problem during the Nordstrom Employee Portal Login process, do let us know in the comment section below.

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