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Hurricane Insurance Coverage: Can Hurricane Insurance Protect Your Home?

By nobvibe • 3 years ago • 11 • 0
Hurricane Insurance Coverage: Can Hurricane Insurance Protect Your Home?
Hurricane irema which occurred in Florida, affected and damage property worth billion of dollars. The recent Hurricane Sandy landfall in New Jersey, caused more than $60 billion in damages. People who live along the eastern seaboard or Gulf of Mexico, should consider how they can protect their investment.

Hurricane Insurance Coverage May Assist in a Risk Zone

Depending on your states, Hurricane Insurance Coverage may be available, and it worth purchasing for your home and property safety. It's important you talk with a local agent who knows the region, the risks, and the laws in your state. The primary cause of hurricane is High winds. This results to property damage. The Hurricane force winds uproot trees, overturn vehicles, shatter windows and even pull down buildings. Heavy rains which accompanies it also damage roofs and allow water to leak into your home. Leaving many homeowners to wonder whether their homeowners policy covers water damage from storms and other causes.

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The fact is that, no two home insurance policies are alike, so ensure you know what is covered, and whether you may need to add coverage or increase limits to be prepared for the risks in your area.

Hurricane Insurance Does Not Cover Flood Damage

Hurricanes bring along heavy rains which often cause flooding due to sewage backups, rising waterways and saturated soil. Hurricane Insurance Coverage policies will only cover water damage if the water comes from above. But if damage comes from flooding, you will definitely need to have a separate flood insurance policy.

Why Federal Disaster Assistance, Not Insurance

Some individuals feel that hurricane and flood insurance are not important. Because they can rely on federal assistance when natural disaster occurs.

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The truth is that those government assistance programs are distinctly different from insurance coverage. They may or may not provide all the assistance you need to recover from a hurricane. Below are the key differences:
  • Federal disaster assistance usually provide temporary housing and aids such as food, clothing and shelter following a hurricane or flood.
  • Disaster relief can be delayed because it's often subject to congressional approval
  • Federal financial assistance is like in the form of low-interest loans that must be repaid to the government.
  • Coverage you buy for your home and personal belongings can provide fairly immediate benefits after a natural disaster, as soon as an insurance adjuster can get to you.

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Hurricane and Homeowners Insurance differ state by state. For instance, states like Florida, Texas, Alabama and New York, allow homeowners insurance companies to impose much higher deductibles for hurricane damage claims to reduce the risk to the insurance carriers. Although, not all insurance companies take advantage of state regulations.

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