How To Send Large Videos To iPhone Successfully (Best Method)

Would you love to send large video files to your iPhone? Are you currently experiencing the annoying message that tells you that your file (videos) is too big or large? In this article on how to send large videos to iPhone, we’ll address different methods that you can use to do that. We will be looking at just the best methods that you can use.  Keep in mind that there are tons of methods, and most of these methods do not usually work.

We’ll start with the best apps that can help you to know how to send large videos to iPhones.  You might have spent time curating a video file, editing, and modifying it with the hope to send it, only to see that the video is too large. This can be very frustrating, we’ve all been there. So how do you now send these large videos to iPhone? These apps will help you to do that:


Sharing large videos might be possible using an email but it isn’t always advisable. You can start sending large videos to your iPhone using SHAREit. SHAREitis basically a Wi-Fi transfer app. It works just fine, as long as two people on the same network have the SHAREit installed on their devices. If the two parties have this app already installed, there can actually transfer files (videos inclusive) up to 200 times.

Send Anywhere

This app is a long-distance file transfer app. It also supports Wi-Fi sharing. This app does not require you to open an account before you can use it. It can actually help you to send large videos to your iPhone. Send Anywhere makes use of SSL security and a 6-digit key to pair 2 devices together.

This app also supports sharing files with multiple devices at the same time. All files sent anywhere are usually sent using 256-bit encryption. This app is also available as a free web app.


This is another app that helps you to know how to send large videos to iPhone. This app is certainly a household name. It is not just supported by iPhone, it is also supported by Windows, Mac, and Tizen. Xender supports the sending of different files, from music to eBooks to large videos and zip files. Xender is one app that doesn’t have a file size limit.

Let’s go through different methods on how to send large videos to iPhone.

Method 1: How to share large videos to iPhone using a PC.

Sending files to iPhone using iTunes, usually cause data loss. This is the number one reason why so many people usually avoid sending large videos to iPhones using iTunes. To send files to iPhone quickly, then use EaseUs. The EaseUsmobile over can actually help you to send files between iPhone /iPad/ iPod and a PC. The EaseUsis a multi-functional software.

You can download videos from youtube, Twitter, Facebook, and more to your iPhone using this software. Outside of videos, you can also send photos, music, contact, PDF, Android, and more while using this software.

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To know how to send large videos to your iPhone using your PC, follow these steps:

Step 1: Connect your iPhone to your computer, then run the EaseUs mobile mover. When you’ve done this, click on PC to Phone, then chose the file (make sure that your PC is actually trusted by your iPhone).

Step 2: Choose the video that you want to send and click on open. The video format supported by 5 mobile moves usually includes mp4, MOV, M4v, RM, Mkv, AVI ANF, and FLV (this video format is not usually supported by iPhone, but they’ll be converted to mp4 during the sending process).

Step 3: After you’ve selected the videos, you can now click on transfer to initiate the sending process. A lot of users usually want to know how to send large videos to iPhone without iTunes.

To know how to know to do that, then follow these through with this method 2.

Method 2: how to send large video to iPhone using PC via VLC.

VLC is a platform that is usually used as a media player. It is usually compatible with PC and phones. With the help of this app, you will be able to know how to send large videos to iPhone.To send large videos to iPhone using VLC: follow these steps:

Step 1: Download and install VLC for iOS on your iPhone

Step2: Open this app and tap the VLC icon that is usually located in the top left corner

Step 3. Make sure you enable sending via Wi-Fi, you will notice the IP address beneath, make sure you remember it.

Step 4: Open your browser on Windows under the IP address.

Step 5. To send large videos from PC to iPhone, you will have to add the item by a drag on by clicking the plus (+) icon. Once you’ve done this, you’ll notice that the video will be sent automatically. The videos or any other item you’ve sent will be saved in the VLC app. However, if you prefer to save them in your photo apps, you’ll need to select the item, then click the share button. Choose the (Number) videos, and then choose OK.

By doing this you’ll send the videos from PC to iPhone.

Method 3: How to send videos from computer to iPhone with iCloud.

Another method that can help you to know how to send large videos on iPhone is this method. You can use iCloud to send large videos, contact, and so much more across devices wirelessly. iCloud is also compatible with Windows computers. When your iCloud is switched on, you’ll be able to send files from your computer to your iPhone, iPad, iPod, or vice versa over Wi-Fi. To make use of iCloud, you have to make sure you’re using the same Apple ID on your PC and your iOS device.

One great thing that iCloud presents to its users is enough storage space to save the videos sent. Depending on whether you’ve installed the iCloud control panel, you’ll have two ways you can use to send large videos from computer to iPhone using iCloud. Let’s go through the ways:

Way 1: Send videos from PC to iPhone using iCloud for Windows.

Step 1. On your iOS device, just open settings, then go to your name, when you’re there, click on iCloud then photos, then be sure to turn on iCloud photos.

Step 2: On your PC, go ahead, and upload the video you want to send to iCloud.

  • Right-click the iCloud icon, this icon is usually on the PC, then select the open iCloud setting.
  • Do well to check the photos options, and then select iCloud photo library that is on the pop-up Windows.
  • Once you do that, a lot of options will unfold. Then go ahead, and enable the option that reads upload new videos from your PC. Once you’ve done this, then click on change, this will set the folder that contains the item to be uploaded based on your needs.
  • Go ahead, and copy the videos you desire to send from your PC to your iPhone in the folder that you’ve set.

Step 3: After you’ve synced the process, go to the photos app on your iPhone to view the item.

Way 2: Send videos from PC to iPhone using

Step 1. Go ahead, and enable iCloud photos on your iOS device. To do that you’ll have to go to the settings to enable it.

Step 2. Once you’ve enabled it, then go to to sign in with your Apple ID.

Step 3. Click on the videos among the options.

Step 4. Go ahead, and click on the upload icon. Once you’ve done this, select the videos that you want to send.

Step 5: After you’ve uploaded the videos to iCloud, go to your photos app on your device and check the item.


Now you know that there are a couple of ways how to send large videos to iPhone. These methods can also be used to send large videos from your iPhone to your PC. You just have to choose a method that works just fine for you to send large videos to your iPhone within a minute.

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