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How To Logout Facebook Account Remotely | Facebook Account Logout

By nobvibe • 3 years ago • 16 • 0
How To Logout Facebook Account Remotely | Facebook Account Logout
This article will teach you how to Logout Facebook Account from every device. Most times, some Facebook users find it difficult to locate where they can log out of their Facebook account. But do you know that you can always Logout your Facebook Account Remotely from every other device as easy as possible? In a situation where you use a public computer to access your Facebook account, it is always good you logout of your Facebook account once you are done. This is because you are not the only person using that system. But if you forgot to do so, you can use the Facebook security settings to Logout Facebook Account Remotely. Logout Facebook Account The Facebook Account Logout steps are very easy and simple, provided you follow them very well. An in this post, am going to share with you how you can do it in few minutes, without stress.
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Simply move over to your Facebook menu, and tap the more button at the upper right corner on your Android smartphone. Or lower right corner on your iOS device. Then the list of the menu displays. Just scroll down and click on the last button, which is the logout icon. Finally, tap the logout Icon to make sure you are logged out.

How to Logout Facebook Account Remotely

If you use your friend's mobile phone to login your Facebook account, and you forgot to logout once you are done, you can use this method. This will also log you out of messenger but it does not have Log out option.
  • Go to your security setting, you will see all account security options.
  • Open your list of active logins. It will display the locations where you are currently online on Facebook, and as well the current device, your mobile device, and some other locations you have been logged in
  • Just open ‘Active Sessions’ and you will see the names of the devices as reported to Facebook. It will also show you the locations and the date last operated. Now, select the session you really need to end.
If anyone is currently viewing your page from that browser or app, immediately the person will be kicked out.

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