How to Ghost on Facebook – How to Appear Offline on Facebook

Just like the way some people ghost other people in their life, there is simply a way how you can ghost on Facebook. The one thing that Facebook is not in short supply off is uses in fact this social media platform has billions of them. That is why it is very important to know how to ghost on Facebook. If you do not want people messing with you or interfering with your time you can simply turn on ghost or invisibility mode.

This article will explain how to appear offline while you are using Facebook. This article simply shows you how to be invisible or a ghost on the Facebook platform. So that you can still make use of the social media platform while having peace of mind. All the instruction is covered in this article and Jen you and works all you have to do is simply follow them

Facebook Ghost Mode

Just like the way a ghost is invisible that is how the Facebook ghost mode functions. Privacy has gone out of the window for a very long time on most social media applications. This is because many people’s life gets uploaded on social media on a daily basis. As a result of this, it has not been more important to maintain your privacy online, especially on Facebook. One of the best ways to do so is by using Facebook ghost mode.

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US privacy issues begin and continue to plague Facebook so many people are earnestly figuring to maintain their privacy. Many people are looking forward to knowing how to be invisible on Facebook. Because this is one of the best ways to maintain your privacy. Therefore Facebook does not feature simply render you invisible on the Facebook platform.

When you are online it will seem as if you are offline nobody would know that you are actually using Facebook.

How to Ghost on Facebook

If you have made up your mind that the best way forward for you to continue using Facebook is true the ghost mode then you have come to the right article. Below you will find the steps involved in how to activate the Facebook ghost mode to be invisible on Facebook:

How to Appear Offline on Facebook

To appear offline using the Facebook website follow the below procedure I have carefully laid down for you:

  1. Launch any browser of your choice.
  2. Head over to
  3. Now select the messenger icon.
  4. Select options which are the three dots.
  5. Now tap on turn off active statue.
  6. Select turn off active status for all contacts

If you still want some people to be able to see you online invisible on Facebook is a left turn-off active status for all contacts except. Then select the people you want to be able to see you online. Finally, tap on ok.

How to Appear Offline on the Facebook Application

For those using the Facebook mobile application, the Facebook invisibility mode can be turned on using the below process. You can carry out the below steps to know how to hide on the Facebook app:

  • Launch your Facebook application on Android or iOS.
  • Now tap on the three lines which is the menu button.
  • Scroll down and tap on settings and privacy.
  • Select settings.
  • Scroll down to the privacy section and then select active status.
  • Toggle the show when you are active off.
  • Select turn off to confirm.

How to Ghost on Facebook Messenger

The final procedure we will be treating today is how you will be able to ghost on the Facebook messenger application. Above we have taken a look at how to ghost on both the Facebook application and the website. Now let’s see how to do that on the messenger app

  • Simply launch your Facebook messenger application.
  • Now select your profile picture from the chat tab.
  • Select active status.
  • What you do is toggle the actor status off.
  • Finally, tap on turn off to confirm

Now you have seen the complete ways to go completely ghost on Facebook. You can use any of the methods you feel like using to go ghost mode so that people will not be able to see you. Whenever you feel like deactivating ghost mode you can do so.

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