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    Date: November 27, 2020, 02:2 PM

How To Delete Uber Eats Account Instantly - Uber Eats Account Deletion

By nobvibe • 3 years ago • 13 • 0
How To Delete Uber Eats Account Instantly - Uber Eats Account Deletion
Have you been wondering or searching for how you can Delete Uber Eats Account? If yes, then you have to worry no more, as we have laid down the whole process I easy way for your own understanding. Uber Eats is an online food delivering and processing company that allows its users to order food from a local restaurant. Furthermore, a user can create and edit account information, check through the list of online menu, order food from menu, schedule your delivery, and as well pay for the ordered food using various payment method.Delete Uber Eats Account Uber Eats has been in existence since August 2014 and it was founded by Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp. Currently, there are rated as one of the best online platforms for ordering food, and on monthly basis, they record over 8.8 million users worldwide.

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The reason why you might want to remove your account from their website could be that you have found another restaurant where you can go and order food for them. It might be that you have other reason, but whichever it might be, I will walk you through to successfully delete your account from Uber Eats database.

How To Delete Uber Eats Account Instantly

I will be showing you the easy way through which you can follow to delete your account from Uber Eats website. Just follow the below-detailed instruction guideline. How To Delete Account by Sending E-Mail
  • Open your email account and compose a new mail
  • Then copy this email address [email protected]
  • Now compose or write an email stating you want to delete your account, after that click on send button.
  • Once done, within 72 hours you will receive a mail in your inbox regarding account removal.
If your main purpose of deleting your account is just because of the newsletter or mail you are receiving from Uber Eats, you can simply mark the mail as spam by clicking on spam button given at top of your mail button. Alternatively, you can unsubscribe the mail by clicking unsubscribe link given at the bottom of the mail.

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