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How to Create Yahoo Mail Account On Desktop | Yahoo Mail New Account Sign Up

By nobvibe • 3 years ago • 20 • 0
How to Create Yahoo Mail Account On Desktop | Yahoo Mail New Account Sign Up
Here in this article, we shall take you through the steps on how you can easily create Yahoo mail account on your desktop computer. Creating a Yahoo Mail account is 100% Free, easy and fast. Provided you follow the detailed step procedure in this post.

Step Guide To Create Yahoo Mail Account on Desktop

I want you to kindly follow the steps required for Yahoo Mail new account sign up on your desktop. 1. To visit the Yahoo main page, open https://www.yahoo.com in your browser. 2. Then look closely at the top-right corner of the page, click the “Sign in” link. 3. Now, click the “Sign Up” button which is next to ”Don’t have an account?” text at the bottom-right side of the page. 4. Once the Yahoo mail new account sign up page opens, begin filling the form with the following details in other to set up your account.Create Yahoo Mail Account
  • First name and Last name
  • Email address: Enter your preferred Yahoo email address. But should in case your email has already been taken, just type in a different one
  • Password: Set up a unique password for your yahoo mail account.
  • Mobile phone number: Provide a valid mobile phone number, which you will use to verify your Yahoo account in the feature.
  • Birthdate (month, day, and year)
  • Your gender: this is optional.

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5. After providing the above details, click the “Continue”, which is the blue button at the bottom of the page to proceed. ( You must fill all required field or else you won’t be able to move ahead until you fill out all the required fields). 6. Now you have to verify your Yahoo account by clicking “Text me an Account Key” button, which is the middle of the page. This will prompt Yahoo to text a code to the mobile number you provided during the process of filling the form. 7. You may as well tap on “Call me with an Account Key” to enable Yahoo to call you and recite the code for you. 8. Kindly type in the code, into the “Verify” field, provided just below the “Enter the Account Key we sent to (your number)” heading. 9. After that, click on “Verify”, and then tap “Let’s get started”, to be navigated to the Yahoo main page. I strongly believe that with the above steps, you will be able to Create Yahoo Mail Account and your Yahoo Mail is ready for use on a desktop computer. You can as well use it on a mobile phone to also get the most of the Yahoo Mail service.

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