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How to Create Yahoo Email Account at www.yahoomail.com

By nobvibe • 2 years ago • 8 • 0
How to Create Yahoo Email Account at www.yahoomail.com
Once you Create Yahoo Email Account, you can send messages, receive messages, configure your inbox and do so many others things. Yahoo mail offers 1,000 GB storage space, which allows you to send and as well receive large attachments. To create a yahoo email account is very important, as it helps in carrying out your daily activities. If you are looking for how you can create yahoo email account, then follow the outlined step guide instructions below. This only requires few minutes and you will be done. SEE ALSO: How To Create New Gmail Account in Minutes With These Simple Steps

Step Guide to Create Yahoo Email Account at www.yahoomail.com

  • Go to www.yahoomail.com using your device browser.
  • Once the yahoo registration page opens, input your full name (your first and last name) Create your user id
  • Type in your password. (enter a password you can remember and also a password which cannot be easily guessed).
  • After that, enter your mobile number
  • Type in your date of birth
  • Enter your gender. This part is actually optional
  • Click on the continue button
  • Next is the verification of your number. What you have to do is to click on the “text me an account key” button for them to send a code to your number
  • Now, type in the correct code in the given field box
  • Click on the verify button
  • That is it. You have successfully completed the process of creating a yahoo email account which is totally free for everyone.
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A yahoo account is more than an email provider. It also offers a calendar, news feed, notes and chats client alongside with your address book and email. Furthermore, Yahoo has a free mobile App which you can download and manage your yahoo email from anywhere you are.

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