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How to Create a Whatsapp Account - www.whatsapp.com

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How to Create a Whatsapp Account - www.whatsapp.com
Are you trying to Create a Whatsapp Account but you are finding it difficult to complete? That won't be a problem for you again, after following this tutorial. Before you proceed, I want to let you know that you need a phone and a sim card working on your phone before you will be able to sign up Whatsapp account. In case you don't know, WhatsApp Messenger is a FREE messaging app that is available for Android and other smartphones. This App allows users to send text messages and voice calls, make video calls, send images and other media, documents, and user location. Create a Whatsapp Account In over 180 countries, more than 1.5 billion people are using www.whatsapp.com WhatsApp messenger App to stay in touch with friends and family, anytime and anywhere. This is because the WhatsApp messenger is FREE and it also offers a simple, secure, reliable messaging and calling. Not only that, it is also available on phones across the world.

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The best of it is that Whatsapp is available for Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, Nokia S40, Nokia Symbian, and Windows Phone devices. Provided you have a mobile phone or tablet, a working SIM card with a phone number and an internet connection or data plan, follow the steps below to open Whatsapp account FREE.

How Can I Create a Whatsapp Account?

  1. Download and install Whatsapp directly from your OS’s store, like Google Play, Apple’s iTunes App Store, Nokia Store, Windows Apps Store, and BlackBerry World.
  2. Once the download and installation of the app on your mobile phone have been completed, open the App.
  3. Once you have opened it, you will be prompted to enter your country code, right inside the “Country Code” field.
  4. After that, type in your mobile number and select a verification method.
  5. Next, you will get an SMS message with a 6-digit Whatsapp verification access code. You may also request to verify and validate your account via a phone call.
  6. To complete the verification process, just enter your verification code to start using Whatsapp.
Furthermore, bear in mind that Whatsapp Web does allow you to use your account online to send unlimited text messages, share videos, and pictures, view your contacts’ details, set privacy options, update your status and more. So you won’t be able to sign up for an account online. To access WhatsApp Web you will also need an active account on your phone. Read our previous article on how to use Whatsapp on PC. If you encounter any problem as you create a Whatsapp account, use the comment box section to let us know, and we shall help you out.

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