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How to Activate Your Crackle Account Online - www.crackle.com/activate

By nobvibe • 2 years ago • 16 • 0
How to Activate Your Crackle Account Online - www.crackle.com/activate
By visiting www.crackle.com/activate you can easily activate your Crackle account online by following the simple outlined procedure in this post. Crackle is a popular, video streaming distributor and a perfect platform for accessing top-rated television shows, Hollywood blockbusters, and even Crackle Originals. You don't need to pay in order to view any of the content that’s offered within the Crackle video library. The best of it is that Crackle is always updating and adding to its content and it routinely offers new features.
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Crackle Supported Platform

Currently, Crackle supported gaming consoles, streaming players, tablets, mobile phones and Smart TVs. And once you subscribe to Crackle, you can activate your account and start accessing content by using your mobile device or computer to enter your activation code.

Steps To Activate Your Crackle Account Online @ www.crackle.com/activate

In order to successfully activate your Crackle account online, just follow the outlined steps below.
  • To get started visit www.crackle.com/activate
  • Create your Crackle username and then enter it into the field provided.
  • Type in a valid email address when prompted.
  • Create your Crackle password and type it into the space provided.
  • Type in your birthday.
  • Choose your gender and country from the drop-down menus.
  • Check the box to agree to the Crackle privacy policy and terms of use.
  • Check your screen for text and then type this text into the provided space.
  • Click “Register” to complete the registration process and to create your new Crackle user account.
  • Read and follow the instructions that are provided on your device in order to obtain your Crackle activation code.
  • Type your activation code into the necessary field and then click “Activate” to complete the activation process.
  • Once your new Crackle account has been created and activated, you use your login credentials to start watching all of your favorite movies and shows free of charge.

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