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Geek Shopping - Get Geep App For Smater Shopping

By nobvibe • 3 years ago • 11 • 0
Geek Shopping - Get Geep App For Smater Shopping
Geek Shopping gives you access to get the best deals at 50-80% OFF what you would pay at your local stores. With Geep App, you will also get the smartest deals on gadgets and electronics ranging from headphones, watches, speakers, phone upgrades, cell phones etc.

How to Use Geek App For Geek Shopping

  • First, you need to Download Geek app. You can find the app on google play store and apple store.
  • Once you have downloaded the App, navigate to create an account and log in. After creating an account, you will have a username and password for the app.
  • When logged into the app, surf through the various amazing deals and add as much item as you’d want to purchase to the shopping cart. Furthermore, payments can be made with debit or credit cards.
  • The shipping time for your items could take 7-14 days depending on the number and kind of products you ordered for.
  • You can found the privacy policies, return policies and terms of service on geek.wish.com.

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Key Features of Geek App

Below are some amazing features of the Geep App: Give 50% get 50%: As you invite your friends to join you on the geek app, you and your friends can get your next buy 50% cheaper. Bundles: Save big on your purchases by buying multiple items. Furthermore this also attracts large discounts. Purchase with other shoppers: When you buy any product with other shoppers you can get your items for lower prices.

More About Geek Shopping (Geek App)

The geek app (Geek. Wish) is a subsidiary of Wish (Context Logic Inc). Furthermore, other subsidiaries of Wish include Mama. Wish, Home. Wish and Cute. Wish.

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Founded in 2011, by Peter Szulczewski and Danny Zhang with their main office San Francisco and ofhers in Shangai, Toronto etc. Wish makes use of deep learning and Facebook graphs to give highly selected product list to its customers. Currently, The Geek Shopping company is valued at about $3.5-$5 billion.

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