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Facebook Customer Service Number - How To Contact Facebook Support Center

By nobvibe • 3 years ago • 7 • 0
Facebook Customer Service Number - How To Contact Facebook Support Center
Facebook is the highest and top most accessed platform with over millions of users worldwide. If you are looking for Facebook Customer Service Number, here on this page are best option that are guaranteed. As a Facebook user, if you are having issues on your Facebook account, it could be that your account was hacked, or account terminated without your approval. If you encounter difficulty making advertisement to drive sales for your products, you can Contact Facebook Support Center for your problem to be solved.

Facebook Customer Service Number

Facebook offers a unique solution to its customers by providing different services via phone numbers. Here is a list of phone numbers that might accommodate your issues or problems. Furthermore, Facebook does not provide Facebook customer service chat to customers, but has a phone that can be used to reach them. To connect directly to Facebook customer care, you have to call the Facebook toll free contact number which is 650-543-4800.

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Moreover, other options which you can choose to contact Facebook is through Facebook customer service email and Twitter account. For email, send your questions to [email protected]. For Twitter lovers, follow Facebook- @facebook and you will be able to follow posts made or contact them directly.

How To Contact Facebook Support Center

Log into your Facebook account, click the settings gear button to move to the help center. From the setting, you will find various options where you will be able to report an issue of your choice. Remember, there are several issues that are already posted and you can go through them if you find them useful.

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No matter the problem you are facing using Facebook, just dial the toll free Facebook Customer Service Number to get your issues fixed immediately.

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