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Easy Way To Recover Hacked Facebook Account & Old Facebook Account

By nobvibe • 3 years ago • 20 • 0
Easy Way To Recover Hacked Facebook Account & Old Facebook Account
If you are searching for how to Recover Hacked Facebook Account, then you are at the right place, because this page has the information that will help resolve your problem. Facebook, being an online social networking service platform enables people to connect and communicate with each other, through computers and mobile devices. Sometimes, a person’s Facebook account can be hacked, or compromised. This makes it difficult for the person to gain full access to the account again. If you are faced with this kind of challenge, kindly read on as we have few easy steps to help you recover hacked Facebook account. In order to get back your old and hacked Facebook account, I want you to follow the outlined instructions give below, to verify your identity to enable you to get back your account.

Easy Way To Recover Hacked Facebook Account

  • Go to https://www.facebook.com/hacked
  • Press the button which says “Your account has been compromised”
  • Then, type in your email address, Login name, Full name or your specified phone number.
  • After that, Facebook will look for matching users. If your account is still not seen, you may try entering something else different from the one you entered before. Then tap search.
  • Now, you will be required to provide your account’s password (i.e.) enter your old password. ( The password that you use, to enter into your account before you got “Hacked”.
  • After entering the old password, a new page will pop up, where you will have to tap “The reset my password button”
  • Now have to change your primary email, so that the password link will not be sent to the hackers account. just tap on “on longer have access to these” link.
  • Now, provide a new email address which you desire to send the change password link and then set your primary email.
  • To complete the whole process, just follow the instruction on the next step, to have your account recovered back in 24 hours.

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How To Recover an Old Facebook Account Fast

  • Tap on the top right side of the account’s profile and click on Report/Block
  • Now select this is my old profile, then choose an option
  • Note; You can only use this is my old profile option if you are not friends with the account. If you are still friends with your old account, you need to first unfriend.
  • Just log on to the Facebook account using the current email with your password.
  • A message alert, stating that the user account is no longer active will be displayed.
  • A registration email from Facebook will be sent to the email address provided when logging in to Facebook.
  • Use the link sent to your email to Log on to Facebook with your email and password and follow the required instructions.
  • Now, a red sign appears. This indicates that you have tried to log in a deactivated account.
  • The email you used during your original registration will be used to send an email about reactivation, in the email, you will find a link and then proceed with it.

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