DAAD Germany Government Scholarship 2022 – How To Apply For DAAD Scholarship

The DAAD Germany Government Scholarship is now open for foreign students to actually submit their application into German universities. This scholarship, which is called the Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst (DAAD), is a scholarship in Germany that usually target student that come from countries that are still developing.

Many students from all of these developing countries apply and they are usually approved for the DAAD scholarships and they usually get the opportunity to be enrolled in various universities in Germany.

These students are awarded these DAAD scholarships to study the courses they applied for. These courses are taught in both German and English languages.

The DAAD Germany Government Scholarship is actually not available for undergraduates; this implies that it is only available for post-graduate students. To actually be approved for the DAAD scholarship, the candidate has to show proof of two years of working experience.

The courses that are approved under the DAAD scholarship are those that have duration of more than a year and less than three years.

DAAD Scholarships Coverage

Candidate that are approved for this scholarship have the chance to actually be enrolled in German universities. This scholarship comes with monthly stipends that will help you, the candidate take care of your daily expenses. It also comes with a provision for both health and travel stipends.

The benefit of the DAAD scholarship includes the following:

  1. Postgraduate students actually get a monthly allowance of about 750 Euros.
  2. Student that are pursuing their doctorate degree get a monthly allowance of 1000 Euros.
  3. Both doctorate and postgraduate student usually get health insurance coverage.
  4. Provision is also made for the student on where to they can receive a travel grant.
  5. The student gets to study for free in a German university.
  6. The student gets free accommodation at the university.

Level/Field(s) of Study:

Student or candidate can actually choose from the following levels or fields of study;
Masters or PhD courses in the following courses:

Economic, Sciences/Business Administration/Political Economics; Development Coperation; Engineering and other related sciences; Mathematics; Regional and Urban Planning; Agricultural and Forest Sciences; Natural and Environmental sciences; Medicine and Public Health; Social Sciences, Education and Law; and Media Studies.

Requirement to Apply for the DAAD Scholarship

  • There are some requirements that have to be met before a student can actually apply for this scholarship; we will be going through each of them below;
  • A student that is applying for this scholarship must have completed their Bacherlor’s degree program that had a duration of less than or at least equal to 6 years.
  • A student that is applying for this scholarship must as well show a proof of two years of working experience.
  • The student must be currently working either for a public authority or a state or a private company in any of the developing countries, and as such is fully engaged both in the planning and execution of directives and project with so much emphasis on development policies, having a bearing on technological economic or social areas.
  • The student doesn’t need to actually understand German or English, since this is dependent on the course that they choose.

Process to Apply for DAAD Germany Government Scholarship

To apply for this scholarship, they are some process to be followed. Follow these processes to apply for the DAAD scholarship:

1. The very first step is actually to download the application form from the DAAD scholarship official website. Fill in this form with your all your required information.

2. The next step is actually to download a Europa’ Specimen form, this form will help you to make a personalized CV with your hand-signed signature.

3. Ensure that you already have a motivation letter, that is hand-signed that list your working experience as well as all your references at the same time.

4. The German universities may request a research proposal, which you should make sure it ready, so that you can send with your application.

5. Be sure that you also attach a recommendation letter that is from your previous university.

6. Ensure that you also attach your professional referral letters from your previous employer
It is actually optional to attach a letter of guaranteed re-employment after going back to your country after completing the course.

7. There are English and German proficiency tests that a student actually sits for, they include the following;

  • IELTS: The approved scores for this exams are usually set by the individual universities and are usually determined by the course that they student choose.
  • German Language: This is actually a necessary test for students that pick courses that are taught in German.
    Keep in mind that they TOEFL test isn’t usually accepted.

8. Students that are very much interested in the DAAD scholarship are advised to apply for the degree courses directly to the university.

9. Besides the entire required document that is needed to apply for the DAAD scholarship, as a candidate, you should also find out any other document that you may actually need to facilitate your schooling.

10. You can as well apply at a German university in tons of ways. There are actually universities that allow online applications and there are those that will require that you send hardcopy applications through a postal service. All that is required of you as a student, is to make enquires for what primarily works for you and follow through the application process.

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This scholarship is currently open for applications. All that is required of you is to find the course that you wish to study in any German university and begin your application process. You can as well apply for the DAAD scholarship; this will help in facilitating your studies.

However, be sure to actually check the list for the deadline of the DAAD Scholarship application window period before you actually submit your application.

There you have it about the DAAD scholarship, if you are interested in applying for this scholarship, you can as well visit their official site for more information.

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