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How To Create New Gmail Account in Minutes With These Simple Steps

By nobvibe • 2 years ago • 21 • 0
How To Create New Gmail Account in Minutes With These Simple Steps
To create new Gmail account is FREE. It's very easy to set up a new Gmail email account by following the step by step detailed instruction guide in this post. With a computer or mobile phone connected to the internet and a web browser, you are good to go. Once you sign up Gmail account, you can access your Gmail email account on the web, and also set it up in desktop and mobile email programs. The Gmail app is available for Windows 10, iOS and Android mobile devices. Since Google offers a wide range of services, and Gmail is one of them. All the Google services are bound together with a single Google account. So, to use any Google services, you must have a Google account in order to sign in to your Google services. READ ALSO: Yahoomail Sign in www.yahoomail.com So, to set up a Google account, follow the step guide below to create a new Gmail email account:

Simple Steps To To Create New Gmail Account 

1. Visit https://accounts.google.com/SignUp 2. Type in your first and last name in the Name section. 3. Next, input your desired username under Choose your username. NOTE: Your Gmail email address will be your username followed by "@gmail.com." for instance, "[email protected]" 4. After choosing your username, type in a password for your Gmail account and Confirm your password. Ensure to use an email password that is difficult to guess. After that, click Next. 5. Provide your mobile phone number and an alternate email address for account verification and authorization. Google uses this information to protect your privacy and to allow you to recover a lost password. 6. Enter your birth date and gender in the fields provided and press Next to proceed. 7. Next is to verify your phone number. You can skip this step if you prefer. 8. Read and the Privacy and Terms and then click I Agree to continue. 9. Finally, you'll be taken to the My Account page for the email address you just created. Now you can proceed to sign into your account any time, manage your personal information, and set your account preferences. Note that Gmail lets you access your other existing POP email accounts, both for sending and receiving mail. That is on how to create new Gmail account. So any time you want to use Gmail simply go to the Google home page, click the Gmail link at the top right and provide the username and password for your Google account.

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