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How You Can Track Car Insurance Claim Status - Auto Insurance Claim

By nobvibe • 3 years ago • 16 • 0
How You Can Track Car Insurance Claim Status - Auto Insurance Claim
An insurance claim is a formal request sent to an insurance company asking for a payment based on the terms of the insurance policy. When you file a claim, the next step is tracking your car insurance claim until your claim is resolved. On this page, you will learn steps to track Car insurance claim to know your status.

Why You Need To Track Your Car Insurance Claim

Tracking a car insurance claim makes you stay updated on the entire process. When you track your claim, for instance, you can:
  • Quickly and easily submit any missing information that is slowing the claims process.
  • Promptly respond to changes such as initial repair estimates or settlement fees.
  • Keep updated on the entire process and ask your auto insurance agent any questions that come up

Information Need During the Process

It's important you make necessary updates, create a file with all relevant claim information for a better tracking of your car insurance claim.

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It's necessary that the file contain relevant informations like:
  • Policy number.
  • Claim number.
  • Police reports.
  • Auto insurance agent’s name and contact information.
  • Contact information of all involved drivers.
  • All correspondence and notes of phone conversations about your claim.
  • Accident and medical reports.
  • Any receipts or bills related to the accident.
  • Certified letters from doctors or employers, if applicable.

How You Can Track Car Insurance Claim

You may choose or prefer to track your claim over the phone or online.

Tracking Via Online

This process grant you access to your information anywhere you are, at any time. Furthermore, your auto insurance company may offer additional online tracking services, like
  • Signing up for SMS/text messages to alert you to status changes.
  • The ability to see photos of your car as it moves through the repair process.
NOTE: The time taken to repair your car will depend both on the amount of damage and on your car insurance company.

Tracking By Phone

This is of grate advantage, as you can speak directly to a representative if you have questions about your claim. However, you may be subject to the company’s business hours.

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Mobile Apps for Tracking

Most car insurance companies offer mobile apps which you can download to make tracking your claim easier. With the mobile App, you can:
  1. Check for any updates on your claim.
  2. Contact your claims representative.
  3. Provide any additional information, such as: uploading more photos of the accident, get cost of repairs.
  4. Record voice notes for yourself.
  5. Receive notifications of updates to your claim.
Also, the application may have other functionality, such as letting you see your policy and update your personal information. Once you are done filling your claim, a representative from your car insurance company will contact you a soon as possible, if necessary. This should occur within a day.

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