Best Babysitter Apps 2023 for iOS and Android Devices

Parents are usually searching for the very best apps they can use to hire babysitters. If that is one of your worries, then we have got you covered. In this article, we will be talking about the Best Babysitter apps 2023. Let’s go right into them.

 Best Babysitter Apps 2023 for iOS and Android Devices


This app is one of the Best Babysitter apps 2023. This app actually goes as far as plugging into your social networks to find you the very best caregiver. It’s sort of for caregivers among your mutual friends, someone you already know, trust, and love. When creating a profile on this app, you can add the schools that your kids attend. This app allows you to state clearly if your kids are in preschool, elementary, or daycare.

You can also add the groups and organizations that you are into as a parent. You can add groups like churches, temples, and any sports organization that you belong to can be added to your profile. This app will help you to link up with high-rated babysitters around your neighborhood. This app also has a profile star rating (usually from 0-5). Furthermore, also shows it, users, how often a babysitter has been booked, and obviously, it also shows their reviews.

With this app, you can search for CPR training and babysitters who have passed the background check. This app is available in urban areas. This babysitter app is exceptional for last-minute bookings, this platform responds to you just 3 minutes after you have posted a request.

Cost: $34.95/month.

Pay as you go: $19.95/month. You can also pay $99.95 /year with a full subscription.

There have options for free basic membership.

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This is certainly one of the largest caregiving sites and also the Best Babysitter Apps 2023. This app is used by over 25 million users in about 20 countries. This site is proficient in helping parents find babysitters. Also, it allows parents to review, book, and make payments to babysitters.

This site (app) offers parents a wide range of options, from nannies, special needs givers, and date night sitters to after-school sitters.

To get started with this app, parents are requested to create a well-defined role description and profile. This role should include the kind of personality you’re looking for in a babysitter. The more detailed you make your role description, the chances of them finding you the right person for the role.

The profile created by the parent will include key information about your family. This information will also include how many kids you have, how old the kids are, and when you need a babysitter.

This site certainly runs some background information for an additional cost. You can also find tutors, pet care, housekeepers, and elder care on this site.

Cost: $54.99 for a month and $109.99 for 3 months.

Annually: $209.99.


This is another phenomenal babysitting app. It is certainly one of our Best Babysitter apps 2023. This app requires both the parent and the babysitter to register via Facebook. This will help in accomplishing two things:

  • As a parent, you will be able to see which babysitter your friends have liked and hired.
  • This method helps in confirming the babysitter’s identity.

With this app, you will be able to find a babysitter who lives close to you. You can also find out about their babysitting history. With this app, you don’t have to post a request. All that you have to do is to choose a babysitting request. As a parent when you search for a babysitter.

When you do, the result you get from this app is usually based on who you know, who your friends know, and also by distance. With that in mind, you rest assured that you are selecting a babysitter that is proven and trusted by your friends.

This app immediately starts tracking a babysitter’s stay.  All you have to do as a parent is to confirm the hours and make payment via the app. On this app, you will see how much each babysitter charges.

They list their hourly rate in their individual profiles. This helps parents to see an estimated payment rate before they make any booking.

Cost: Free to download/create a profile. However, for junior sitters, it will cost $1.95 to book. For standard, advanced and elite babysitters, it will cost $2.95 to book.


Just like every other babysitting app we have talked about, this app let parent connect with sitters that are connected to their friends. This app allows you to have access to your friends’ babysitters. On this app, you can set your location; this will help you to see babysitters that are close to you.

When you find someone that you can trust, you can start chatting with the person using the app. Once you have started talking, you can then proceed to set up a time to meet the person for a face-to-face interview.

This app has a go-to babysitter list. This list will comprise the babysitters that you love. Once this has been established, you can always check in on them, in case they are an emergency. You can reach out to them via text message. The very first babysitter to respond with a “y” Sign from your list books the job.

Once this is done, this app goes ahead to notify other sitters on your list that the job is taken.

Cost: Basic membership on this site is free. However, a premium membership including one-click payment and access to the babysitters’ databases will cost you $9.99/month or $99.99 annually.


This is definitely one of the Best Babysitter apps in 2023. This app has been around since 2001. This app has an easy user-friendly interface. This certainly makes navigation on this app very easy. You can easily have access to the information you need about a potential babysitter.

On this platform, every babysitter profile comprises parent feedback, personal details, locations, skills, and experience. Before a babysitter joins this platform, this platform runs a background check on them.

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They use their wide database to gather information about the babysitter; this is to ensure that the babysitter doesn’t have any reported problems. This app also grants parents the ability to run their own background checks on a sitter. This is one of the best due to the flexibility it offers it,s users.

No matter what you need, this app offers services like an overnight job, an after-school cover, or a weekend nanny. This site offers all these services. All you have to do is to post a job requirement or search for someone who is available. You can do this, by tapping on the profile of a babysitter.

When you do this, you will be able to see a babysitter’s calendar and hourly rates. If you are interested in finding a babysitter with a special skill, you can find that on this app.

Cost:  $35/month. It also has a free membership.


These are the Best Babysitting apps 2023. With these apps, you can be free as a parent to do other meaningful things for yourselves. These apps are trusted by a wide range of people. We highly recommend them. Let us know what you think in the comment section about these apps. Thank you for reading.

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