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How To Apply for NetSpend Prepaid Card Online

By nobvibe • 3 years ago • 4 • 0
How To Apply for NetSpend Prepaid Card Online
This post shall guide you on how you can apply for NetSpend Prepaid card online. The whole process only takes few minutes to fill out the application form and your card will be mailed to you the very next day.

Overview of NetSpend

NetSpend is a financial services company providing processing and marketing for Visa and MasterCard debit cards. Furthermore, the company specialize in selling debit cards to customers who have bad credit or no credit. Not only that, even to those who don't have a regular savings or checking account with a bank.

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NetSpend cards are backed by either Visa or MasterCard. Moreover, they are generally accepted anywhere, just like Visa or MasterCard credit cards.Apply for NetSpend Prepaid Card If you have a bad credit history or you are tired of finance charges, minimum balance penalties and usurious, predatory interest rates on credit cards, then you can try using a NetSpend card. NetSpend Prepaid Card works like a debit card and the best of it is that you do not need to open a bank account to use it.

How To Apply for NetSpend Prepaid Card Online

With your computer that has internet access and as well a valid email address, follow the procedure below to proceed and apply.
  1. Visit the NetSpend card application website at: www.aceelitecard.com, then click on "Open an account!"
  2. Type in your correct personal information right inside the required fields
  3. Now, tick the box which indicate that you have read and understood the terms and conditions as well as the box indicating whether or not you want to receive promotional offers from NetSpend.
  4. After then, click on the button which says, "Get My Card."
  5. Kindly finish the application process. Once done, your card will be mailed to you the next day.
NOTE: There is no credit check necessary, NO interest or late fees and NO minimum balance requirements.

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