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Apply For Morrill Scholarship Program at Ohio State University

By nobvibe • 3 years ago • 11 • 0
Apply For Morrill Scholarship Program at Ohio State University
The Morrill Scholarship Program is offered by Ohio State University. About 300 scholarships are available for high school seniors starting their studies in 2018-19 at Ohio State University. Interested students with highest academic excellence and potential are advise to apply for Morrill Scholarship Programs. Furthermore, this scholarship is aimed to support students who show commitment to both academics and diversity by excelling in the classroom and making a positive impact in their communities.

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Eligibility for the Morrill Scholarship 2018

Applicants must meet following criteria:
  • Diversity and inclusion themed workshops, lectures and service projects
  • Graduate and professional school preparation courses and guidance
  • Morrill Scholars Early Arrival Program
  • Mentoring and tutoring to support your academic success
  • ODI outreach and engagement projects on campus and in the community
  • Optional housing in the MSP Learning Community in Blackburn House
  • ODI leadership and service courses for credit toward the Leadership Minor
  • Service trips and travel abroad opportunities.

How to Apply for Morrill Scholarship Program at Ohio State University

As you proceed filling application form, ensure you provide all required materials (application fee, test scores, transcripts, etc.
  • Then visit https://odi.osu.edu/msp/
  • Now, check the appropriate box that indicates your interest in being considered for the Morrill Scholarship Program and then complete the essay prompt.
  • Finally, due ensure that you include leadership and diversity involvement on the activity list.
NOTE: The Morrill Scholars Program (MSP) is the largest scholarship program that rewards over 300 scholarships to high school seniors each year. Do not let this chance pass you by. Ensure you share this post on your social media.

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