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Access www.skylightpaycard.com To Activate Netspend Skylight One Card Online

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Access www.skylightpaycard.com To Activate Netspend Skylight One Card Online
By visiting www.skylightpaycard.com, employees can easily activate Netspend Skylight One card online Provided they have been issued a Netspend Skylight One card from their employer. This post will walk you through on how to activate, register, and as well login to your online account through Skylight One web portal.

How To Register and Activate Netspend Skylight One Card at www.skylightpaycard.com

Activate Netspend Skylight One CardAt the Skylight Paycard website, first time user can activate their card by selecting the Activate/Register button on the homepage. Then provide the required details which are your card number and security code from the back of your card. after that, choose the Continue button and proceed to complete the activation process.

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Furthermore, during the activation process, you have the option to set up your account for online access. This requires generating your login details (username and password). With your online account login credentials (username and password) you can access your account anytime using your mobile devices, smartphones, desktop computer or laptop.

My Skylight Paycard Features

Employees that use the pay card along with the Skylight Netspend login have a lot of features to use to help them better manage their direct deposit.
  • Anytime Alerts - This alert system monitors your account activity and sends alerts via text or email concerning your account balance, deposits, or payments.
  • Budgeting Tools - Simple to use budgeting tools are available inside your account to assist users with managing their spending.
  • Withdraw Funds - Withdraw money from your card using a no-cost Skylight Check and cashing it at over 8,800 locations, nationwide. Money can be accessed from more than 122,000 Visa or Mastercard member banks.
  • Pay Bills Online - Use your Netspend Skylight Paycard to pay bills. This eliminates the need to stand in line, purchase money orders, or send money through the mail.
  • Payback Rewards - Opportunity to earn cash back for making everyday purchases at retailers and restaurants nationwide.
  • Skylight Check - Paper check that was given to all cardholders allow them to access 100% of their funds in cash, and it's totally free, from over 8,800 locations.
  • Mastercard - Your card can be used anywhere Debit Mastercard is accepted.
  • Review Your Account - All of your account information is available for you to review at any time.
  • FDIC Insured - All funds deposited on your card are FDIC-insured in FDIC member issuing banks.

How To Check Skylight One Card Balance Online

To check my Skylight card balance online is easy. Form your online account, you have the option to review your account activities such as checking your balance, view recent transactions, view deposits and many more. Another way to check your card balance is to sign up for Alerts notification in order to receive a text message that will include your card account balance after every transaction. Once you sign up, text the letters BAL to 22622 anytime and your account balance will be sent to your mobile phone. Also, you can check your balance for a %.50 fee by calling 1-866-387-7363. IF you have further question about how to Activate Netspend Skylight One Card, kindly use the comment box section below.

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