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Access Securitas ePay Login To Manage Salary Transfer, Payroll Info

By nobvibe • 2 years ago • 16 • 0
Access Securitas ePay Login To Manage Salary Transfer, Payroll Info
www.securitasepay.com is an online website portal for Securitas ePay Login in order to access your account to manage your salary transfer, payroll information, or some query related information about your department. It means that securitasepay.com grant you quick access to check your payroll data, that is to say, you can check your salary, wages, bonuses, deduction and manage your online account for your payroll information without any restriction. The main aim of this article is to walk you through the Securitas ePay Login page and as well help you to sign in to access for a safe and secure payroll account.

To Access Securitas ePay Login Process @ www.securitasepay.com

1. Go to www.securitasepay.com official website and click to Login. 2. Type in your social security number. 3. Input your default PIN which is your date of birth (MMDDYY). 4. Change your PIN when prompted- it must be 8 to 6 digits in length and contain only numbers. 4. Select an option: Pay-stub Review Income verification Personal Information

To Access www.securitasepay.com For Securitas ePay Login

It's possible to you your mobile phone for Securitas ePay login. All you have to do is to follow the detailed step guide below. 1). Call: 866-604-3729 2). Log into your account, enter your social security number 3). Type in your default pin default is your date of birth (MMDDYY) 4). Change your PIN when prompted it must be 8 to 6 digits in length and contain only numbers. 5). Select an option:
  • To review your pay stub or receive a fax copy press 1.
  • Press 4 to check the status of a fax request .
  • To end the call press “*”.
  • To speak to a client representative press 0
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Security Methods Securitas Use

  • Securitas provides the best quality Intruder Alarms.
  • Securitas have efficient working personnel tracking devices.
  • They offer their colleagues with CCTV and IP camera services.
  • Their tracking system is also capable of vehicle track and trace capabilities.
  • Securitas also have efficient working personnel tracking devices associated with an extremely professional tracking system they possess.
  • Securitas provides services regarding key holdings and intervention services.


The Swedish Security Company Securitas was founded in 1934. Securitas AB is providing its services relating to security guarding, mobile patrolling, security monitoring and consulting and investigation groups. Currently, the company has over 300,000 workers working for the security purposes in 60 countries worldwide. Also, they provide services online through its online portal for checking payroll data and managing your online accounts for payroll information.

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